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+ Huge BONUSES Included

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A Comprehensive Never-released PLR Course with Videos, Workbooks, and More to Dominate the World of Social Media in 2023

What some famous marketers have said:

John Thornhill

It’s unimaginable to find a business that is not present on Social Media and this opens many excellent opportunities for online marketers.

As a marketer who may be considering entering into this niche, you should consider using PLR content in the Social Media Marketing niche, and if this is something you wish to do I highly recommend grabbing this top-notch PLR product that you can easily customize to fit your needs. Use it for a lead magnet, or bonus report, to educate your clients, or even sell it as your own product.

Steven Alvey

Social Media Marketing niche is already a winner and easily one of the most profitable niches today…


Why the
“Social Media Marketing” 

  • Social media is constantly evolving. As new platforms and features emerge, there are always new opportunities for businesses to reach and engage with their audience on social media. This keeps the social media marketing industry vibrant and dynamic.
  • Social media platforms have a large and growing user base. There are billions of active users on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, providing a vast pool of potential customers for businesses to target.
  • Social media is mobile. Many users access social media platforms exclusively through their smartphones, making it easy for businesses to reach them on-the-go.
  • Social media can drive website traffic and sales. Businesses can use social media to direct users to their website or online store, where they can make a purchase.
  • Social media can help businesses establish their brand and reputation. Businesses can build trust and establish their brand as a thought leader in their industry.
  • Overall, the combination of a large user base, cost-effectiveness, measurability, and the ability to drive website traffic and sales makes “Social Media Marketing” a must-keep plan for every business.


Undoubtedly “Social Media Marketing” is an evergreen and profitable niche to be in.


 It’s time to be a proud owner of a product in this in-demand niche and “WOW” your customers and clients

But… how do you “get into” it?

The Problem:

No matter even if you’ve found your golden niche and selected a very lucrative product or course idea There’s still a dream killer Product Creation

Yup. It Sucks…

And It’s Harsh Truth
Creating a product is a challenging and risky process. HUNDREDS of Entrepreneurs have ground-breaking ideas, but they fall as soon as they face the Product Creation Nightmare.

Anxiety attack.
Financial Risk.
and many psychological tolls that can come with product creation 

Hey,Don’t feel bad
It happens to literally ALL of us.


Because Creating Products is
Hard and Scary!!!

Not to mention...

Most valuable currency on earth


It takes several months or more to have a complete product ready, even for seasoned marketers!

The Solution is



PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

Sometimes called ‘White Label” Rights.


It means a product that’s already been entirely created for you…


…and the most noteworthy part is you get the right to Rebrand it and sell it as your own!


But you don’t want just “any” PLR that’s cheaply made, ugly, and doesn’t get attention!


you want PLR that’s high quality AND that covers a Proven niche having an unlimited number of hungry buyers


Wasim Firoz’s
Social Media Marketing PLR Pack


“Social Media Marketing For Beginner” PLR Pack is a Brand New, never-released PLR Package from “Wasim Firoz”.

This white-label PLR Pack covers arguably one of the most in-demand and customer-centric niches.

“Social Media Marketing”

You’ve witnessed the revolution of Social Media and how it impacted our day-to-day business activities and social life.   Many big companies joined this revolution and introduced more and more Social Media Platforms that are bringing thousands of new users every single day


You won’t find a business that doesn’t have activities on major Social Media Channels.


Even ask that young kid or old grand nanny who started the business out of a hobby of having Social Pages. The answer is obviously YES!


Let’s check some stats and be ready to get stuck in awe!


As of 2022, there are currently 4.59 billion social media users worldwide.  

Facebook has 2.9 billion monthly active users

YouTube has 2.6  billion monthly active users

WhatsApp has 2 billion monthly active users

Instagram has 1.47 billion monthly active users

TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users

FB Messenger has 988 million monthly active users

Twitter has 436 million monthly active users

LinkedIn has 310 million monthly active users

Pinterest has 444 million monthly active users

  • Users spend an average of two hours and 25 minutes per day on social media.
  • 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business.
  • 75% of internet users use social media to research brands.
  • 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.
  • 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social media.
  • A 2021 survey found that around 70% of consumers said they had made a purchase as a result of seeing a product on a social media platform.
  • 91% of all social media users access social channels via mobile devices.

 What a flabbergasted stat it is!


  You don’t have to pull your hair off to convince your audience or customers how important it is to let their brand’s face on Social Media.


The end user (business owners, your audience, customers) is already in business and needs ZERO convincing.


As an entrepreneur and business owner, you are on the winning side. Use this PLR Pack as a lead magnet, educate your audience on Social Media Strategies, Sell it as an info-product to business owners, and use this Rock-solid PLR product to help your audience to grow their brand.


Search for a great product in a proven niche stops here with this sure-fire product in an evergreen niche.


Businesses Need to be on Social Media, and You Have the Right Product in this Killer Niche


If you are wondering… What am I Getting?

You’re Getting All of This:

Module 1:

High Quality Video Course


This course introduces your audience to the power of Social Media Marketing.

Your customers need this if they are willing to see rapid growth in their business. Strategies and tactics revealed in this course will help your customers’ business reach a targeted audience like wildfire


Includes FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module 2:

eBook/Lead Magnet


This eBook introduces your audience to the powerful tactics of Social Media Marketing. This would make an excellent lead magnet to start building your email list right now!


Includes FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module 3:

Gorgeous Editable Slides

You can easily edit, customize and rebrand these slides if you choose to. You can EVEN record your own voice to replace the original voiceover if you want!

Endless possibilities to enjoy the true power of an unrestricted PLR product.



Module 4:

Attention Grabbing Graphics

Comes complete with a full set of Ready-to-Go graphics that are gorgeous and sure to impress your audience!  No rebranding necessary (but of course rebranding is allowed).

Includes FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module 5:

Customizable eCover PSDs

Quickly and easily rebrand or customize the eCover graphics to match your brand. Change the colors, the title, the image, slap your logo on it… heck you can even put yourself on the cover! With full White Label PLR Rights, you have complete freedom.

Includes FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module 6:

Editable Word eBook Document

Effortlessly customize, add to, edit, replace, or even rewrite your eBook using the included source file.

You can even add your own affiliate links to earn commissions when people read the book! 

Includes FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module 7:

MP3 Audio Lessons

Instantly upsell your leads or customers this audiobook version of the ebook. Makes a great bump offer at checkout. You could also offer it as a free gift or lead magnet by itself.

Or package it together with the ebook on a sales page to boost perceived value and conversion rates!

And I have added massive jaw-dopping BONUSES !

Bonus #1:

Profit From PLR
Video Series – With Full PLR Rights!!

Discover The Step-By-Step System To Profiting From Private Label Rights Products.

You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials. Once you know how to buy and sell PLR packages, you can print money and start earning a fortune in no time at all.

No matter who you are, no matter how much experience you have and no matter how skilled you are: this is a business model that you can use to start earning lots of money online.

You will get all of the following within this package:

  • Module 1 – Videos
  • Module 2 – Upsell Page
  • Module 3 – 7 Day Autoresponder Series
  • Module 4 – Special Report
  • Module 5 – Affiliates Toolbox Page
  • Module 6 – Social Media Swipe Kit
  • Module 7 – Top Forums and Blogs
  • Module 8 – Keywords
  • Module 9 – Presentation
  • Module 10 – Feature Images
  • Module 11 – Audios

Bonus #2:

Authority Traffic – Profit From PLR
Video Series – With Full PLR Rights!!

Are you tired of working hard on blog posts only for them to get just a few visitors?

Countless websites are in the same boat but that’s only because they don’t know the powerful techniques used by the biggest online brands and bloggers to promote their sites.

This 10-part, step-by-step video course will show you the tools, techniques and top tips to finally succeed and get results!

You will get all of the following within this package:

  • Website Traffic Essentials
  • How To Craft Effective Facebook Ad Copy That Converts
  • How To Get Free Traffic From Quora Questions And Answers
  • How To Get Instant Traffic With Targeted Facebook Ads
  • How To Optimize Your Images for Google Search Traffic
  • The Most Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Top 5 Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website
  • Top 5 Methods to Getting Targeted Traffic on a Budget
  • 5 Ways to Ensure Your Content is Socially Shareable
  • What is Retargeting and Why Should You Be Using It
Includes ready sales material!

Bonus #3:

List Building Profit Kit
Video Series – With Full PLR Rights!!

This 8-Part comprehensive and detailed over the shoulder video course will give you the necessary edge to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

You’ll Learn How To:

Use a tried and proven formula

Turbocharge your subscription rates

Build a relationship with your list

Get Instant Exposure To Your Products

You will get all of the following within this package:

  • Top 5 ways to revive non-responsive lists
  • The number one secret ingredient to successful email list
  • How to save money using solo ads
  • The 5 solo ads secrets that can kill your list marketing business
  • The 4 key reasons why you need to sell your own products
  • How to hire the right VA to market your email list
  • The top 5 ways to fail with video sales pages
  • The 5 signs your list is ready to be sold for a profit

Bonus #4:

PDF Domination
Video Series – With Full PLR Rights!!

Find Out EXACTLY What People Want, Create A Product Around It And Watch Them Wave Their Cash In Front Of Your Face!

Tens of thousands of people all over the globe are quietly cashing in on what may be the only recession proof industry – at the very least it’s one of few industries maintaining consistent and enormous growth! All you REALLY need is a computer and an Internet connection!

Introducing: PDF Domination – Whether you are a new marketer or a marketer who wants the inside information from a successful information publisher, this program will explain it all.

You will get all of the following within this package:

  • Hot Profit Ideas – Learn how to research ideas for profitable info products and discover how easy it is to give people EXACTLY what they are looking to buy, every single time!
  • Quick Research – Find out my never before revealed “secret sauce” research site for product research that assures me a winning product 90% of the time… (and this only takes mere minutes to do)!
  • Steal These Ideas – See firsthand the single resource site so packed with profit making ideas it will blow your mind and almost instantly turn you into a profitable Info Product creator!
  • Perfect Format – Find out how to determine which product formats to use for your markets and why this will turn your customers into long term loyal fans!
  • The #1 Key – Find out the #1 key to building and sustaining a highly profitable online business selling your own info products (make watch every second of this valuable video)!
  • Work Less And Make More – Discover the insider secrets of one of the top outsourcing websites and how to use it to find top quality freelancers that get the work done on time and under budget so you can work less and make more!
  • The Profit Formula – Uncover my VERY repeatable formula that anyone can use to quickly and easily create their very own profit pulling info products (just copy and paste)!
  • Hot Copywriting – See how you can create cash cranking Sales Letters and send your profits immediately into overdrive (using my simple, yet proven copy techniques that anyone can do).
  • Easy Traffic Generation – Find out how to send server crushing, ultra-targeted traffic to your web sites, exploding your sales and your income at the flip of a switch!
  • Offline Fulfillment Success – See, step by step, how to use a top fulfillment house and find out why using a fulfillment house could catapult your business into the stratosphere!
  • Physical Product Profit – Discover how to completely transform your business simply by turning your digital products into physical products – and find out how EASY this really is!
  • And SO much more!

Bonus #5:

High Ticket Client Secrets
Video Series – With Full PLR Rights!!

Closing Big Ticket Sales is an art and true wealth comes when you master this art.

The ability to get people to pay you top dollar for premium fees you command is a jealously guarded secret – UNTIL NOW, that is. Announcing. High Ticket Clients Secrets This is the go-to Master Program for anyone serious about getting high Ticket clients and skyrocket their coaching and consultation business. As an added Perk: You’ll be the envy of your peers when you come out to a Powerhouse!

You Will Access The Following Video Training Modules:

  • #1: Why Go For High Paying Clients
  • #2: What it Takes to Close High Paying Clients
  • #3: How to Position Yourself as an Expert
  • #4: How to Identify and Qualify Clients
  • #5: The Sales Process
  • #6: Overcoming Sales Objections
  • #7: How to Price Your Product
  • #8: How to Deliver Results After Payment Is Made

WAIT! Not Finished Yet

To take your business one step further we are going to force you to boost your business growth with the help following guides.

Surprising Bonus

I want to bring a big smile to your face when you are in the member’s area.

YES! This SURPRISING BONUS is freaking awesome that you’ll love to use it every day on Social Media

Can’t wait to give you access to this never-released, 100% unique bonus to rock your Social Media channels!

You’ll get all these bonuses when you grab this amazing product

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I’m giving it all to you…

For the Price of a Burger & Fries




It’s really pretty selfish. But hey, this is business!

Why am I giving away this industry-shaking PLR product for almost zero dollars?  What’s the catch?  What’s my dirty secret selfish reason?


Well here it is. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth:


I’ve actually got MORE cool licensing offers and products available.  And yup, you guessed it: in the future I’m going to want to offer those to you as well.



So, the reason I’m giving this package away for next to nothing is that I know all I have to do is get just one of these PLR packages into your hands and you’ll be so blown away by the quality and value that you’ll want to try more of my offers in the future.



(and, yes, you’d better believe I’m gonna try to sell more to you in the future)



  You’re getting a ready-to-go business and unprecedented personal brand assets handed to you on a silver platter.   I hope you understand the implications of this…


  • Firstly, you can give the courses away as lead magnets in return for an email opt-in.
  • Secondly, you can offer these as bonuses to sweeten the pot on your paid offers or affiliate offers you’re promoting. Again, you can do so individually or combined as one package.
  • Third, you can add them to your existing free or paid membership sites to make your business more attractive to potential members and customers.
  • Forth, you can sell them as high-quality paid products either individually or combined.
  • And finally, you have FULL White Label PLR rights to completely rebrand them, modify them, edit them, and do whatever you want with them
These assets are all you need! You’re going to get your hand on a full-fledged business and brand asset to start piling cash from day one 🙂

Finally, to completely seal the deal and ensure you walk away with these PLR assets in hand, I’m going to remove all the risk and do something most marketers never do.


If you grab this package and decide it’s not a great fit, then rather than just give you a typical 30-day 100% money back guarantee, I’m going to take it a step further and let you KEEP the asset pack (minus PLR Rights) AND the bonuses.


Did you hear that?  You get to KEEP over $1,000 of products even if you request a refund…



Let's Recap:


You are confident, and you know you need your own products,
but the product creation process is pain and a nightmare


A lot of PLR topics are generic
or they’ve been done a thousand times!


Social Media Marketing PLR Pack takes care of the product creation for you. It’s a ready-to-go funnel-worth of products, all done for you.

The Brand New Social Media Marketing PLR Package

Obviously this game-changing PLR product is eventually going up in price.

But like I said, today my motive is different. I want you to experience the quality of this material, so you’ll be dying to come back for more in the future. To do that, I want to get this giant rebrandable PLR package into your hands no matter what the cost to me. Even if it means handing it over for next to nothing.

For that reason, if you’re lucky enough to be on this page during the launch period, you get to grab this for a tiny fraction…



You Pay Only


Social Media Marketing PLR Package
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